AirSide™ Data Processing Solution

It has been well documented that the Hong Kong International Airport is affected by wind shear and turbulence generated both by weather and the large mountain ranges nearby. Palermo, Italy, has similar problems where, on 24 September 2010, a landing A-319 encountered wind shear and touched down short of the runway. No one was injured, but the airport was closed for 42 hours. Many airports around the world are affected by severe wind shear and turbulence that can make take-off and landings difficult if not dangerous.

Designed for Doppler wind sensor manufacturers, airport meteorological providers, and aircraft operators who require greater reliability and accuracy of weather hazard warnings, AirSide is a processing tool that uses wind sensor data, in conjunction with ATR’s patented technologies, to produce enhanced wind shear and turbulence warnings with comparable performance to airborne systems. Unlike systems that base hazard detection solely on wind measurements, AirSide, integrated into a ground-based warning system, yields a reliable and very versatile solution to an important problem. The AirSide software has already been successfully tested using lidar and aircraft data at Hong Kong International airport.

A White Paper is available here.

AirSide is a Trademark of AeroTech Research (USA), Inc.


• Enhanced wind shear and turbulence detection and warnings around airports.

• Processing results closely follow airborne systems, producing similar warnings and predicting when warnings will arise in the cockpit.

• Readily integrated into existing ground-based sensor processing systems.